Obama’s Victory Speech on November 4, 2008 in Grant Park, Chicago

5 Paragraph essay-Introduction Paragraph with a thesis statement being the last sentence of Paragraph. 3- Body Paragraphs with a topic sentence related to the thesis statement. Closing Paragraph. Essay Instructions-Write essay on Obama’s Victory Speech paying close attention to his vision for moving America forward, and consider what changes you’ve seen in the country since Obama was elected-and in the course of your life. Do the changes you’ve seen support the vision for America that Obama articulates in this speech? Reflect on the historical changes you’ve seen and how they relate to Obama’s vision. (I completed a draft of this essay. My instructor reviewed my draft and was not pleased. He told me to re-do with these suggestions: 1- Change my thesis statement and do not make an announcment of my intentions. 2-My draft is way off subject of the speech. 3-My writing did not reflect on the changes Ive seen and how the changes relate to Obama’s vision in the speech.) My deadline for this assignment is on the 15th so I would like a qoute for help with this back to me by the 14th. I can send you my original draft if it is needed (by email as a Word 2007 attachment) but I need to keep my total cost as low as possible. Please advise me of the best route for this and a qoute of the lowest cost for no plagerism as to purchasing a new essay, or fixing my draft. After getting feedback from my instructor of my draft, Im not sure fixing it would be a better solution than completely re-doing it. Thank you and I look forward to your suggestions and pricing.

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