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Oman’s ancient history heavily relies on the study of various manuscript sources, particularly those of geographers and storytellers. Information drawn from cuneiform inscriptions has provided the only flicker of hope for historical researchers to discover some in-depth information about the past of this important land of the Arabian Peninsula, whose founders and people contributed immensely to the growth and flourish of ancient human civic activity…..
Historically Omanis were skilled traders and seafarers who dominated regional commodity trading along the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Gulf.  These commercial endeavours eventually brought forth a succession of migrations that saw the growth and development of human settlements along many parts of the East African coast…

•    History
1.    Prehistory
2.    Ancient history
3.    Early Islamic period – Arrival of Islam
4.    Portuguese colonization
5.    18th, 19th and early 20th centuries
6.    1970s
7.    1990s
8.    2000s
9.    Rulers of Oman

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