Pathogenesis, Management, and Treatment of the neuropathic diabetic patient with an ulceration of the lower extremity Custom Paper

Please discuss the mechanisms behind diabetic neuropathy in the lower extremity, the different ways to manage those patients with ulcerations, including the different treatment options available and their effectiveness. Whichever of the formats listed in the below instructions for the from the syllabus is fine with me. I just need to be sure it is all original.
Thank You and please contact me with any questions

• Students will write and present a research paper, in any area of podiatric medicine and surgery, and approved by the student’s faculty mentor.
• Students will produce the research paper in either the form of a case presentation with literature review, a general literature review, or other format approved by the faculty mentor.
• Students must compose an Introduction, Discussion and Summary as part of the paper.
• Students will demonstrate adequate spelling and grammatical skills.
• Students must prepare a paper no less than 6 pages in length, not including the title page, illustrations and bibliography typed and double-spaced.
• Students must refer to at least 15 references, appropriately footnoted and alphabetized by author in the bibliography.

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