PM586 Week 1-4 Individual Project Plan

Individual (Week 1) – Resturant Expansion or New Location

Organization and Project Plan Template Proposal

Individual (Week 2)

Project Plan Part 1

Resource: Approved project plan proposal

Describe your approach to managing this project, including methodology used.

Identify sources available to understand the scope of the project proposal.

Describe the phases the project will contain.

Develop the project scope for your project.

Address the following:

Define the project requirements

Define activities for the project

Develop the schedule for your project proposal.

Address the following:

Estimate primary activity duration

Sequence the primary activities Develop a work breakdown structure and define the tasks Determine the labor requirement

Determine necessary resources for the project

Individual (Week 3)

Project Plan Part 2

Continue developing the comprehensive project proposal outline.

Develop the project budget for your project proposal.

Include the following:

Identify available resources (consider subcontractors) Create a labor budget Create a capital budget Align the schedule and scope to the labor and capital budget


Develop the risk management plan for your project proposal.

Address the following:

Identify internal and external risks

Define appropriate budget of contingencies for risks identified.

Individual (Week 4)

Project Plan Part 3

Continue developing the comprehensive project proposal outline.

Develop the strategies used to execute the project.

Include the following:

Strategies for management of human, physical, and financial resources, including the following: Temporary resources Permanent resources Work plan management (deliverables management) Quality assurance strategies Communication strategies Documentation management strategies Change request management strategies Contingency plans

Develop the strategies used to monitor the project.

Address the following when developing your monitoring strategy:


Schedule Budget Critical path Resource levels Change requests

Scope creep

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