PM586 Week 6 Internal and External Environmental Evaluation Presentation

Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® or Prezi® presentation on the quality-improvement plan for the organization chosen by the Learning Team for the Influencing and Controlling the Project assignment. (Papa John’s Pizza)

Identify external and internal environmental factors that the company must consider to manage projects successfully.

Perform a gap analysis to identify any gaps in relation to the company’s current business processes and factors identified in the environmental analysis.

Determine methods to address any gaps identified, including the following components:

Goals of the improvement plan Organizational responsibilities for the project Project management tools

Identify the appropriate organizational responsibility and interfaces for the project while addressing the following:

Which business function is responsible for which process? Where do hand-offs between business functions occur? Who is responsible for the project? Who does mentoring or coaching? What audit or review processes will be used?

Determine appropriate project management tools that the organization should use to manage its projects.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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