Political Science

This is for dual enrollment government.

It is argued in your textbook that in the twentieth century, and particularly since the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, Congress has ceded to the president a major role in the legislative process.  Given what you have learned about the formation of our national constitution, and the history of the Congress and the Presidency, how do you feel the framers would view this shift in legislative initiative?  How do you believe the framers would respond to the increase in Presidential power overall?  What are the pros and cons?

Things you might wish to consider in your paper:
1.    Readings from your text

2.    Federalist 69 (link: )
(you’ll have to page down)

3.    Alexis de Tocqueville: Democracy in America, “Legislative Powers of the Federal Government” (link: )

Remember, this is not solely an opinion paper.  It is an INFORMED opinion paper.  In order for you to present an opinion you must be able to back it up with facts.

Paper requirements:
1)    Minimum of full three to five double spaced pages, with normal margins top and bottom, left and right
2)    no larger than 12 point, standard type
3)    MLA or equivalent format

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