Polygraph and Integrity Tests

(1) You will write an approximately 750-1000 word response paper. Your paper should be typed
and double-spaced.
(2) Your paper will contain an introduction that gives a brief overview of the themes you will
discuss in parts (3) & (4) below.
(3) Your paper will inform the reader about:
(a) the broad category of tests discussed in the article and the purpose of  these tests
(e.g., what decisions are made based on test scores?),
(b) the name and relevant characteristics of one or more specific tests are
discussed in the article (e.g., type of questions and responses, how it is administered
and scored, any other pertinent information)
(4) Your paper will describe:
(a) the problem (or the different sides of the controversy),
(b) the rationale offered by individuals on each side,
(c) the evidence (good, bad, somewhere in between) regarding the reliability and validity
of the test for particular groups of people or circumstances.
(d) whenever possible, the research methods (sample, measures, data analysis) used to
arrive at this evidence (make sure to address whether the evidence is in one direction or
whether there are conflicting bodies of evidence!).
(e) the particular point of view the authors of each article or chapter take  regarding this
problem, and
(f) the reasons why they take this particular point of view.
(5) You will provide your own evaluation of the evidence: are you more convinced by an
argument and the evidence provided by one article/chapter than the other? Why or why not?
What questions do you still have about this issue?
(6) Finally, you will conclude your paper with recommendations regarding the use of these
particular psychological or educational tests in these particular settings & with these particular
groups of people.
(7) Your paper will contain an APA style reference page listing the articles you used. You will
use correct APA style each time you cite a reference

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