psychology -specific topic

You may write the paper as if you are addressing a friend who has a misconception. In your response to this “friend” you will need to demonstrate critical thought and scientific reasoning to name and explain the specific cognitive error that contribute to this common myths and provide some of the psychological research which disproves it. Cover all 3 of these: 1. In what way is this statement shwwing a lack of critical thinking and scientific reavsoning? 2. What specific cognitive errorss are contributing to believing this misconception? what psychological research is there proving that this statement is incorrect? In response to the following misconception:
“I’m not racist, i’ve got black friends, but I support the neighborhood watch guy that shot Trayvon Martin. I don’t think it was racially motivated at all he was just protecting his neighborhood and the fact that Trayvon was black had nothing to do with it. The shooter Zimmerman isn’t even white. He’s half hispanic, so obviously he’s not prejudice.”
Type of Work    :    Essay

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