A. In class, we discussed intercultural differences, for example, dog meat eating in Korea, a tarantula snack in Cambodia, Joey Skaggs’ hoax about dog meat and so on. In particular, Joey Skaggs, a well-known satirist, prankster, media critic, and social activist, tried to reveal something unpleasant underneath the US society. Discuss what those cultural differences imply from the perspective of cultural relativity. (10 points)

B. In the film watched, God grew tired of us, we could see The Lost boys’ experience for the first time what most Americans take for granted as they gain valuable insight on American norms’. What cultural differences between the U.S. and Sudanese Lost Boys have you recognized? Reflect your thoughts on the movie and include the discussion of cultural inclusion and exclusion (10 points).

C. By doing the second assignment about stereotypes, you must have discovered your own identity and culture ( I AM FROM ARABEN COUNTRY) within the U.S. Please discuss what stereotypes means, why we form stereotypes, when we use stereotypes, and how some of these stereotypes can interfere with successful communication. (10 points).

D. Dutch social psychologist Hofstede has identified several cultural values that affect communication and help us understand cultural differences. Individualism/collectivism, low context/high context, low power/high power distance, and femininity/masculinity. Among them, please define low context and high context cultures, and discuss the main differences between two different value systems. (10 points)

I want the answers as a paragraph for each question. around 90 words for each paragraph.

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