Real Estate Economics

written report which compares and contrasts the indicators/trends of
the city centre office market, in
two of the following locations:
You should also include a reasoned opinion of likely market trends within your chosen sector over the next 12 months
Your report should contain the following elements:
A review of relevant literature
You should research the city centre office market in your chosen cities by referring to theory in published literature and current issues in professional reports. You may wish to discuss the history and development of your particular markets, but don’t spend too long on this – you should focus on recent trends. Ensure that you focus on fact rather than opinion, and avoid relying on one source (particularly lecture notes). The web links provided in the module reading list are fundamental sources of market data.
A review of secondary data
You should obtain relevant data from appropriate sources which can be used to show important trends. Large surveying firms, such as those listed in the reading list, produce research reports that contain up to date statistics on office markets. Use tables or graphs rather than quoting figures in the text, and examine trends over years rather than reporting year by year. Data from personal contacts cannot be verified and so should not be included.
Critical analysis
The literature and data should be analysed critically and your argument should have a clear logical structure. Simply describing the data that you have found is not analysis – you need to interpret the data, comparing and contrasting the two cities and drawing conclusions from this. Links between theory/practice should also be identified.
Summarise the report and provide reasoned predictions for the next 12 months based on your findings.
This is an individual piece of work so all writing must be original, free from plagiarism or collusion.
ensure that all material from secondary sources is correctly referenced

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