Report writing for a case study in Human Resource

Silver Creek Winery is a small but growing boutique winery in the Stanthorpe district in Queensland. Due to their increased production and popularity, the owner of Silver Creek, Julia Wilson, decided to expand operations in various areas of the business. In particular, she wants to supply their growing number of customers and, at least, match their competitors in many aspects of production. Although Silver Creek is a relatively small company, it has a full range of management and industry related functions ranging from market research and advertising, operations and production to accounting, auditing and Human Resource Management. Currently, Julia is covering all the management, marketing and HR functions but it has increased to such an extent that she needs to get help with these tasks.
As an investment in the future, Julia has decided to employ additional staff to ensure the future growth of the company and to develop and extend the skill base of employees. She considers appointing staff in the areas of HR, management, marketing and viticulture.
Imagine you are a HR consultant and Julia called you in to provide her with advice about how to proceed. You are required to write a report to Julia, addressing the following issues:
? explain how human resource planning can be used to determine the desired staffing position for Silver Creek Winery;
? explain how job analysis can be applied to create specific jobs and identify specific jobs that you recommend for the winery;
? recommend a recruitment and selection process that Silver Creek Winery should follow;
? compile a list of structured interview questions appropriate for one of the jobs that you recommend and attach this as Appendix A;
? discuss how a ‘systematic training process’ ( H?rtel & Fujimoto 2010, pp.242-7) can be applied to ensure that employees perform their jobs effectively.

Assignment requirements
? Your assignment must be presented in report format. You should follow the guidelines for report writing available from the online Learning Centre .
? Important: You will see that the structure of the report (as indicated by the Learning Centre < > shows that in the Executive Summary, the ‘method of analysis’ should be included and also in the body of the report that information on method of data collection should be included. The method of analysis or the method of data collection is not applicable nor relevant for this assignment and therefore these issues can be omitted from the report.
? Your assignment must be based on research of the topics. To support the explanations and discussions in your report, you are required to draw upon information contained at least five academic sources (including at least three journal articles). These journal articles must have been published between 2005 and the present. Private web pages such as pages of study notes from other university courses are not acceptable. If you elect to use a website it must be of a scholarly and credible nature that clearly displays the sponsoring organisation and, if available, the author of the article.
? Use Harvard referencing throughout your paper. It is required that you include a List of References at the end of your report.

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