Retail Marketing Management – Critical Success Factor Report

Complete a critical success factor report for a small, local, independent retailer (see attachment )
Students will create an individual critical success factor report using local primary and secondary research
3,000 word report, 250 words of which will be devoted to an outline audit

Further Details

This is an end of module, individual, summative report and follows on from the formative
group survey completed in the first term. Students will use the results from this formative,
group survey to inform and enable decision making in the individual report. Students may
also supplement the survey findings with further, individual, primary and secondary research.
Before finally selecting the retail outlet to use as the basis of their Critical Success Factor (CSF)
report, students should consult their tutor for advice. It is also possible to consider a concept
store. Please note that students should avoid researching exactly the same retail outlet as
another CSF group studying Retail Marketing Management. It is important to remember that
the retail outlet chosen must be a small, local, independent store and, therefore, information
used in analysis and decision making must take this into consideration.

It is important to note that ethical approval must be gained before conducting any primary research and that all CSF reports must be accompanied by an ethical approval form 03 signed by the tutor. A copy can be found on the Retail Marketing Management module learning room on NOW.

Students need to have completed their formative survey by the beginning of term 2. They should then ensure that each individual member of their survey group has a copy of key results to use when writing the report. Students will then work on an individual basis to analyse the information, carry out further qualitative/quantitative research deemed appropriate (and with a separate, supplementary, approved ethics 03 form) and make recommendations for the CSF report.

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