School Counselors as Leaders


Using your textbook: Brown, D., & Trusty, J. G. (2005). Designing and leading comprehensive school counseling programs: Promoting student competence and meeting student needs. Belmont, CA: Thomson Brooks/Cole.

* Read Chapter 8, Leadership in Comprehensive School Counseling Programs, pages 206“225.

* Read Reese’s April 2005 “Grant Writing 101” from Techniques: Connecting Education & Careers, volume 80, issue 4, pages 24“27. This article outlines strategies for successfully finding and securing funds for educational projects that are in line with the needs of the school and community.

* Find and read an article on publicizing or organizing support for school counseling programs.

Read Unit 9 “ School Counselors as Leaders for a review of how the objectives for this unit align with CACREP standards.


According to the ASCA National Model, it is important for school counselors to serve as leaders to promote system-wide change to ensure student success.

Discuss the following:

* Give an example of when you have served as a leader and which style you seemed to use in that case.
* What qualities of effective leaders do you possess?
* What qualities of effective leaders do you feel you need to develop further?

Response Guidelines

Respond to two learners who identified a leadership style different from your own. Comment on how you feel you would work as a co-leader with that learner on an advisory board. What strengths and weaknesses would you both bring to the group? Suggest strategies you could use to effectively work together.


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