Sharon Olds “Sex Without Love” poetry Custom Paper

Once you have an idea for or have the theme for your essay, because, you need not have a fully developed thesis, go through the story and identify all of the quotes that relate to your subject or argument or are meaningful to you.
Here is your textual support.
• Next you lay the quotes out in episodic order. In other words, in the way the quotes appear in the story.
• This is the meat of your essay; the meat of your sandwich, if you will.
• Now you write around the meat and supply the remainder of the sandwich, your narrative, which offers details, examples, further analysis, and support for your argument (thesis) and explanation of why the quote is significant, how it relates to your thesis and how it helps prove your point. Do not worry about coming up with a thesis right away. Developing writers will often discover their thesis while writing their conclusion. If the best thesis turns out to be in the conclusion, move your thesis statement to the introductory paragraph.

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