Shelby Steele and the tradition of American Conservative Thought

According to Charles Dunn and David Woodward (The Conservative Tradition in America), Rowman & Littlefield, 2003), at the core of conservative beliefs are the following: respect for the established order (including institutions, moral teachings, property rights etc); primacy of leadership by a few; primacy of family and community (hence limited involvement of government in social issues); preference for gradual change, for experience over reason (ideology), and for liberty over equality. The authors divide their discussion of the development of American Conservatism into three eras, namely, Early, Middle, and Modern.

Critical thinking essay is based on the book called "A Dream deferred"- The second betrayal of black freedom in America By Shelby Steele. AND TWO OTHER WORKS: The first is (1) "The competing conservative traditions in America" By, Paul Johnson (Only chapter 6) The second (2) "The Historical Development of American Conservatism" By: George H. Nash (Chapter 5).
It consists of two parts.
Part A (Above mentioned authors Nash & Johnson): Overview of American Conservatism. For each period covered by the authors, identify and briefly discuss (using 2-3 criteria above) examples (of practices, events, perspectives) that illustrate the continuity of conservatism as a major theme in American political culture.

Part B Based on the book "A Dream Deferred"-The second betrayal of Black freedom in America By, Shelby Steele. This section is the mind of the Black Conservative. Show how these core beliefs are reflected in Shelby Steele’s analysis of the Black struggle for equality. Specifically you must discuss evidence to demonstrate the presence of some core conservative belief’s in Steele’s thinking regarding:
i) His analysis of the Black parliament
ii) His critique of government interventions such as Affirmative Action
iii) His policy preferences of prescriptions.

Based on these three resources part A & B should be addressed and direct quotes must be used to back up statements. Also citation must take place with page references.

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