SOC 100 (Week 4) Individual Assignment / Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Media Analysis *

To focus on nonverbal and symbolic behavior, this assignment requires that you mute the volume of the television for a program’s duration.

Select a television program that you know contains social inequality or social class themes.

Prepare a 750- to 1,250-word analysis of the program in which you complete the following:

Provide a brief introduction that includes the program’s title, describes the type of program, and explains which social theme you are addressing.

Describe and explain scenes that apply to the social theme.

Identify all observed body language, facial expressions, gestures, posture stances, modes of dress, nonverbal cues, symbols, and any other observed nonverbal forms of communication in the scenes.

Explain your interpretation of the meanings of the identified nonverbal communications and symbolism.

Summarize how these interpretations are important to the sociological understanding of your chosen social inequality or social class theme.

Suggest how your interpretation of the respective meanings might be generalized to society as a whole.

Provide a conclusion that summarizes the key points in your analysis.


Format your analysis paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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