SOC 105 (Week 3) Learning Team Assignment / Popular Music Presentation *

Learning Team Assignment: Popular Music Presentation

Choose a genre of popular music and trace its history and development in popular culture. Prepare a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that addresses the following questions: What are the cultural influences of the music? Does the music come from a particular time or region that makes it unique? What is the cultural heritage of this music? What qualities are present as a result? What are the venues for consumption of the music like? What attracts the fans to these venues? Venues might include large or small concert halls, local bars and clubs, iTunes or MySpace, or local or national television shows.  In what ways do cultural values about race, gender, sexuality, and class difference shape the music?  What aesthetic values are prevalent in the genre you chose? Describe the sound and feel of the music. How are the aesthetic values reflected in the lyrics or messages of the music?

What groups or subcultures does the music tend to appeal to? Why?

What trends are emerging in the consumption and production of popular music in general, and specifically with the musical genre you are focusing on? Include at least one sound clip of a song from the genre you chose.Explainthe significance of the song in the context of your presentation.Note:Explicit or offensive music must be put in a historical context and examples should be used appropriately.  Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines, including proper citation for your sound clips. Present your Popular Music Presentation.

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