socialization and Agents of socialization Custom Essay

Discuss peer groups and schools and education Using sociology concepts, terms, arguments, examples, and insights we covered in this course, explain your particular topic to an imagined reader who is unfamiliar with American society. The material you include must directly relate to your topic. Some of you will be writing on topics that convey information about sociology’s historical context and usefulness, the social dimensions of human life, social trends & changes, and the social construction of reality. Others will write on topics that deal with social inequalities and social change. When applicable, you will address how certain aspects of certain life can be understood differently based on the three paradigms we are using this semester (i.e., functionalism, symbolic interactionism, and conflict). The goal of this collection is to produce a cohesive document for yourself, your family/friends, and/or an unknown audience that will reveal the invisible barriers of social inequality with the goals of leveling the social playing field while teaching readers how to successfully navigating one’s way through contemporary life as a thoughtful, critical thinking, sociologically-minded citizen.
I am interested in your understanding of this task and in the sociological arguments, concepts, and insights that you find most useful for explaining your topic. I am looking for a well thought out, reasoned, and clearly written sociological essay. By the time you begin seriously thinking and writing we will have covered plenty of sociological themes for you to draw upon.

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