The final report should address at least the following:
A. Analysis of Final Performance vs. Initial objectives
1 . Purpose: As a result of the experience during the semester, would you alter you initial objectives? Why or why not?
2. Security Composition of Portfolio: Have the securities you selected helped (or are they helping) you to achieve your initial objective? Briefly Explain.
3. Trading Activity (Turnover): How actively did you turn over the securities in the portfolio during the semester? How does this compare to your initial objective? Have your views on trading changed as a result of your experience?
B. Assessment of Security Selection Strategies
Which of the security selection strategies used in this project have been successful in helping you to meet your objectives? Why were they successful? Which ones were unsuccessful? Why?
C. Documentation of Requirements Completion
Attach the final Stock-Trak report noting meeting each of the requirements.
D. Final Project Evaluation
Provide a brief discussion of what you learned from this project? How have your ideas changed during the course of the semester? Do you recommend that this project be continued to future semesters? Did it complement the textbook and class discussion? Did you enjoy the experience?

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