Story Writing

Students will be  assigned  to write stories based on morals/proverbs suggested by their instructor.

Objective: Application of story writing skills from Unit 6.

  1. Material Presentation:
    1. Front   cover : title , catchy colorful picture, name of author, and age of target readers.
    2. Font   face : comic or Times New Roman. Font size: 16-18
    3. Lines evenly spaced out.
    4. Format: 3 paragraphs (beginning – middle – end)
    5. Content:
      1. Plot:
  • Initial situation: Begin with once upon a time … , introduce & describe characters(imaginary ,real), stable life (1-2 pages)
  • Problem :  Create a problem/conflict that disturbs stability
  • Climax :  main character(s) coming face to face with the conflict
  • Solution : problem solved
  • Final situation : stability resumed
  • A comic strip of four illustrations (1 for beginning – 2 for middle – 1 for end) has to be attached to the story on A4 paper.








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