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Purpose:  In one-three paragraphs, you will need to summarize the essay “Small Changes” by Malcolm Gladwell (They Say/I Say page 312-327) to clearly and objectively reflect the original text by presenting each major/main detail accurately, in the perspective of the original, and without interjecting your own opinion on the text (See Chapter Two in They Say/ I Say)


Then you will pose a response to the ideas/assertions made in the original by way of a template thesis statement (see Chapter 4). 


Your response should develop or refine your ideas on some part(s) of the original.  You will not need to respond to the whole essay but on a concept or idea that is presented in the summary.  This is not a “how did you feel” about the essay, but more of a “why do you feel” that way. You may want to cite specific examples in your life or in the world at large.  In other words, the response must be critical, not simply a description of your personal feelings about the essay.


Your Role: please write in First or Third Person (do not use Second Person) in your response to the reading.  I suggest First Person (“I”).

Your Audience: your peers in an academic setting who have not read the essay.


Here are the requirements for the essay:


  • Remember to follow proper for your essay, which includes a Work Cited page and MLA format.
  • Give your essay a title. Remember the title is supposed to help the essay set sail.
  • Must include an Introduction, Body Paragraphs, and Conclusion.  The essay is 1200-1500 words in length (4-5 pages).
  • Keep in mind that each paragraph will, on average, be 5-8 sentences in length.
  • Begin with the summary of the essay “Small Change.”  This can be a brief summary or an extended summary of the essay, but no more than three paragraphs.  
  • Your Thesis needs to be a template from Chapter 4 (They Say/ I Say) and the last sentence of your summary. Please include the page number of the template (Function: “add comment” or as a footnote).
  • When referring to the essay, be sure to use voice markers/author signals and quotes when necessary.  This is even more necessary when you want to show the difference between your points and the original.
  • An effective response will link each of its points to a clearly and readily identifiable portion of the original or its summary.  There should be specific examples to illustrate the relationship between each point of the response and the summary/original.  You should make it clear to the reader how the various points and ideas fits with what you see happening in the world today.  Your examples may be from your personal experiences and observations. You may use the Frontline Documentary “Egypt Revolution Cairo,” but be sure to cite the source.
  • Remember to save the final draft of the essay as a Word Document (.doc)).


This is what your Summary & Response paper will be graded on:


Content _____/30


The paper includes the summary of “Small Change Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted,” by Malcolm Gladwell, and makes it clear to the reader how that essay’s various points and ideas relate to what you see happening in the world today.  Must include author signals and quotations.  Your examples may be from your personal experiences and observations and may include examples from the Frontline Documentary: Revolution in Cairo.


Thesis statement_____/20


The essay includes a thesis statement as the very last sentence of the Summary.  The thesis must be a template thesis from Chapter Four (They Say/ I Say) and includes the page number of the template.


Development and Organization______/30


The essay includes the summary of “Small Change” as the introduction (can be as long as three paragraphs), body paragraphs, and a conclusion.  Arranges ideas clearly and logically to support the purpose of the paper and prove the template thesis. Body paragraphs include point, illustration and explanation and are effectively linked back to the essay “Small Change.”


Grammar and Writing Mechanics_____/10


Writing demonstrates a sophisticated clarity, conciseness, and correctness.


MLA format______/10


Uses MLA format accurately and consistently.  Includes a Work(s) Cited Page.






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