Surgical Care Improvement Project

This is evidence base practice measure APA style paper subject is core measures SCIP. Hospital quality department approved is Prophylactic Abx d/c with in 24 hrs of surgery, VTE prophylactic therapy w/in 24 hrs post op (If no anticoagulant drugs-ned to document contraindications), Cardiac surgery-glucose < 200mg/dl for 6am testing POD1 & POD2. needs to be 5 peer review articles most recent on and last 5 years old but use most recent one. It should be evidence base practice. please attach all article used for this paper bcuz I have to give hard copy of articles to the instructor. Also I’m going to order Annotated Bibliography for this project paper in other order so use same articles for both paper and bibliography and please give me copy of the articles used. I’m going to attach the rubric for this paper separately. If you have any questions please contact me

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