System Administration / Security

Scenario description:

You are the administrator of the office LAN for a small firm of accountants. This is configured as a single Domain with a Windows Server 2008 Domain Controller and Windows 7 workstations. A database that records client contact details and a mail server run on a single Linux platform, which is accessible over the LAN. There is no separate file server as such, since members of staff normally maintain files relating to work for clients, mainly in MSExcel (.xls) format, on removable media.

The Task / Deliverables:

Address to the following aspects:

1. AUDIT: What would you choose to audit, why and how would you do it (audit files, audit services, etc.) for the given scenario?

2. BACKUP: How would you implement backup service for the essential data?

3. RESTORATION: How would you restore the services running on the Linux server (mail and database services) in the event of a disc failure on the Linux machine?

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