The history of the Indianaplois Colts

6 resources 1- resource book
2- journal/magazine/newspaper articles 1- online source and 2 more of any of the ones above. word count placed at the end of paper. must have how I came to do this paper example would be NFL football, live in Indiana, enjoy football, like the colts also I had a idea of the how – How the Inianaplois Colts came to be? that way I could go in to detail about games, players, etc in my research paper. I must of the sites where you found the information because I will need to print out the pages you used and higlight the material you used.
the posposal paper you can use only 3 resources but I have to
have 6 in the reference or cite page. If you find that there is not enough information to do this paper please let me know because my research paper will be 2,000 words but the proposal
does not. Any questions let me know Thank you!

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