The impact of mentoring “at risk” African american males Custom Paper

Most sections are complete to include the lit review, however some areas the professor remarks will show need for concern to include the grammar. I need every thing cobblestone together according to directions below and uploaded documents for complete paper

Concept Paper will need to draw on your learning from previous courses, depending on whether you are proposing a qualitative or quantitative study. Be sure that:
� Your literature review is sufficiently thorough to support your claim of a gap in the research literature
� The gap you have identified is the basis for a feasible, interesting, worthy, and relevant study (see the Dissertation Handbook)
� You describe how the study you propose allows you to address the gap in a way that contributes to theory
� Your problem and purpose statements and your research questions (and hypothesis) are in the form specified in the PPT Concept Paper presentation and are aligned
� Your proposed design will allow you to answer your research questions. (Draw on the designs used in the studies you reviewed.)
� The document precisely follows the PPT Concept Paper presentation and APA style
At the bottom of your paper, paste the Sections noted in the PPT Concept Paper presentation and explain how each section meets the criteria for the section.

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