the introduction. grabbers(leads)

-pick a topic you would like to know more about from thesub-topics in chap 4-15
– type a minimum of 4 pages research paper about that chosen topic
-it is called an insight paper because you learn something you did not know about speech
include a statment in the paper addressing what you personaly learned about that toppic
-label that statement as you personal insight. my teacher said that we have to write like this: my personal insight is….
– you may use one source from your textbook and 3minimum from the internet.
– write your paper using APA style for resources/ references

i started writing about grabbers and i stuck after i finish my introduction. you can use whatever i wrote already adding more info or rewriting it.

First impression is important in any part of life, especially in speaking. This is why the introduction of any speech – whether it be a simple topic or a long medical research paper – is essential. Introduction is just as important as the body of your speech. It has two main purposes: to draw the listeners in and make him or her want to pay more attention to your presentation, and to prepare the audience for the direction that the speech is going to take.
There are a lot of ways to get attention and interest from your listeners. One of them is using leads or some people call them grabbers.
There are five basic leads for preparing the beginning of your speech that clearly introduce the topic`s main idea and help arise the audience`s attention. my personal insight is that a well-chosen grabber fits appropriately in your introduction is a successful beginning for your speech because it will keep everybody interested till you get to the main idea of your topic.
Anecdote, startling fact or opinion, rhetorical question, quotation, and description

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