The value of children in western nations vs. 3rd world countries

compare and contrast the way children are raised between 3rd world countries and western nations (America)
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What is the value of children in American Society?” The value of a group may be determined by the kinds of resources a society are willing to expend on them. Resources can be thought of in many different ways: money, food, shelter, protection, time, emotion, concern. But in politics, there is always competition between competing priorities.
In all societies, children represent the future. In traditional agricultural societies, child were sent to work in the fields and contribute to the well being of the family. Have more children was a source of wealth and pride. However, in highly industrial societies, the rate of child birth is low because children are a financial drain of the families resources.
The United States is a post-industrial society. What is the value of children in a post-industrial world?
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