To explain the Japanese traditional practice of oyaku-shinju (parent-child suicide), Yasako explains to her attorney that Kuniko is her bun-shin, or her branch that needs o stay connected to grow Custom Paper

So if, you–the tree–dies, the branch dies" (117-118). Her attorney responds with the case of a Kansas City woman who killed her son but was prevented from taking her own life. Found guilty of murder, she was sentenced to life imprisonment.
Herein lies the dilemma. In both cases, mothers killed their children. Both mothers also attempted suicide but failed. But only one mother can argue that cultural factors should lessen her criminal responsibility for the act while the other mother is charged and found guilty of murder.
Based on your close reading of Kokoro, write an essay that answers these questions: (1) How does the playwright manipulate character, setting (how she never adapt to America), and structure to build audience (American people) sympathy for Yasako and the cultural argument overall? (2) To what degree does Houston convince you of the validity of the cultural defense argument? Provide textual support for your claims, especially, in the form of quoted material. Select quoted material judiciously; integrate it clearly into your sentence structure; and most important, interpret how its use of language and/or details support you claims.
*Please do a little bit of research on the oyaku-shinju (parent-child suicide) and also the cultural defense argument and integrate it into the paper. The research must be from scholarly sources, from databases such as JSTOR.

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