To what extent is Dr.Burzynskis Antineoplaston Therapy successful compared to chemotherapy in late stage cancer patients

As the culmination of the course, you will incorporate your skills in argumentation, summary, analysis, and synthesis that you have refined all semester. To do this, in a final research paper, you will—

®Enter into the academic conversation.
®Examine the validity of academic work.
®Formulate and define your own position.
®Recognize the limitation or biases of complex and technical research.
®Deliver a professional quality paper for a specific audience.

Writing Requirements

In 2700-3500 words, your research paper will make a clear, specific, narrow argument about an arguable topic. The argument must be supported with evidence in the form of facts, statistics, and/or quotations from experts in the field. Every claim must be supported with evidence. Remember that you are writing to persuade a skeptical audience (that is, your audience won’t take claims on faith), so you must prove your argument’s validity with support from credible, relevant, and preferably recent sources. Assume that your audience is well-educated but unfamiliar with your particular field. Make sure to:

. Have a clear, specific, assertive thesis statement, and that all your topic sentences relate back to your thesis

· Acknowledge opposing points of view, preferably in one of the last paragraphs of your paper (but not the very last paragraph: end with a point of your own!). You must concede and/or rebut counter-arguments, which establishes your ethos (i.e. it shows that you are credible and reasonable)
· Cite parenthetical sources correctly, according to MLA-format (showing that you know how and when to cite sources is a minimum criteria to pass the paper).
· Include a “Works Cited” or “References Cited” page.
. Come up with a good title!

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