UK Supreme Court Judgment

Pls read through the details of all the material of Coursework Topic, Guidelines and instruction. I uploaded my draft and writen around 3-400 words and yellow highlight did mention what writer need to write, pls add more research and more point apart from my draft. So writer just need write about 1650 words add with my 300 words in total not more than 2000 words. Pls refer the case from UK and the principle of UK Law – duty of care, negligence. As a Justice of the Supreme Court write a judgment on this issue. The word limit is 2000 words. I uploaded two main relevant case judgment pls read it though coz writer can get more information from the judgment. The references need at least 20, when mention the case writer need to provide the full case name with full qutation, which is including the year and the judgment page number with using the “footnotes”, In the conclusion must mention Allow the Appeal. The structure of essay writing should be : 1) Introduction 2) The mail body 3) Conclusion 4) References/ Bilbiography 5) Footnotes The details of structure pls find the Guideline. To find source materials, especially the most recent authorities( cases, articles, etc.), you may use: 1)The most recent editions of recommended casebooks/ textbooks for Tort Law 2) Different data bases and search engines(eg. Just Cite, Westlaw; Lexis Nexis) or other English Law data bases. 3) Although you may also serch for articles on Google, be careful to read and cite only scholarly articles and not any Internet garbage. I will provide some useful information to writer when I have new idea. Thank you very much!!!!

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