Unit 4 DB International Legal and Ethical Issues in Business

Many organizations have established policies to remedy discrimination when hiring women and minorities. Discuss whether you feel that affirmative action programs, reverse discrimination, and criteria of comparable worth are appropriate forms of remedy.

You should conduct research on this topic before making your posts.

Using the textbook, course materials, and Web resources, research affirmative action, reverse discrimination, and comparable worth and answer the following questions:

•Do you feel that these concepts are appropriate forms of remedy in the workplace? Explain.
•What else do you think could be done to eliminate discrimination in the workplace?
You must use at least one credible source from either the Library’s full-text database or the Web. Include your reference(s) that you used in APA format with your Discussion Board post. Post a new topic to the Discussion Board that contains your answers to the questions, and respond to 2 other students’ posts on the Discussion Board. Be sure to explain to them why you agree or disagree with their arguments.

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