Value Chain Analysis

Value Chain Analysis

The main purpose of this assignment is to identify and analyze elements of the value chain and understand how they must interact to create value for the organization. The intent is to review the present, or relatively recent value chain of the company selected in the Unit 2 Value Chain Analysis Discussion. Use the Walters and Rainbird (2007) text and at least five additional relevant respected resources to support the value chain analysis. Use the APA formatted MS Word document template as the starting point for writing a 10-12 page paper (not including Title or References pages).

Customer-focused companies benefit from analyzing their value chain as the process allows them to understand customer expectations, purchasing responses, product-service use, and accept that they are unlikely themselves to posses all of the resources to service customer needs.

When conducting a value chain analysis, customers and their characteristics are studied, and their needs and wants, identified. These expectations form the basis for the demand chain. A supply chain design must be cost effective and respond to the expectations of the demand chain and the value proposition. Together, the demand chain and supply chain process and management comprise the value chain.

The following outline is based upon Figure 1.1 on page 19 of the Walters and Rainbird (2007) text. This outline is also included in the APA formatted Microsoft Word template in Doc Sharing.
I.Value Chain Analysis A.Demand Chain Analysis 1.Identification of customer, market, wants and needs
2.Market Opportunity Analysis
3.Identification and Analysis of Value Drivers

B.Value Proposition 1.Value Proposition as related to Demand Chain
2.Value Proposition as related to Supply Chain

C.Supply Chain Analysis 1.Value Production and Coordination
2.Value Delivery
3.Value Servicing

D.Enterprise Value 1.Industry Drivers
2.Competitive Advantage
3.Customer Delight


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