What do we know about adverse childhood experiences and post-­traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and mental health?

Your Research Assignment will take the form of an annotated bibliography. It should be a minimum of 3,000 words.

Please refer to the following documents as examples of what is expected from you:
a) Hill Williams (Unknown) Annotated Bibliography: The Physician-­‐Patient Relationship and Health Related Quality of Life in Women with Adrenal Insufficiency
b) Annotated Bibliography on Patient-­‐Provider Communication By Heather Smith and Andrea Pietrzyk. Research and Resource Associates, Central Coast Children’s Foundation, Inc. 14th August 2013

For the purpose of your assignment, both examples should be augmented with a detailed description of how you identified the articles and resources that you annotated. What you used as inclusion and exclusion criteria and on what basis you selected the resources that you annotated. Further, please note that meeting the standard of the first example will merit you a pass; meeting the standard of the second example will merit you with a distinction. The difference being that in the second example, the authors have organised the material and abstracted the information into sections encompassing several annotations.

Work should be typed/word-­‐processed, single sided with single line spacing and font size 12: Times typeface is preferred. It is your responsibility to ensure that all assignments are clearly marked with your name, course title and code, assignment title and submission date (on every page). All pages must be numbered in the format Page X of Y. The use of ‘Headers & Footers’ for this information is recommended. A word count must also be included.

Referencing For this module, it is anticipated that you will be use a biomedical reference system such as that used by the British Medical Journal. The use of the Harvard or Vancouver system is also recommended. Whatever referencing system used, it has to remain consistent throughout the work submitted.

Students not conforming to these requirements will be penalized by up to 10% depending on the scale of non-­‐conformance.

Plagiarism: All material cited, sources of data and illustrations and figures must be acknowledged: material quoted verbatim must be placed in “quotation marks, italicized” and the source referenced. Failure to do this will count against the mark allocated for the assignment. The University takes plagiarism very seriously and students will be penalized if this is proven.

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