Analysing the external environment: Rolls-Royce Group Manufacturing Custom Paper

Business Report: Analysing the external environment .
This business report involves a detailed analysis of the environment of a select organization. The report should focus on the following:

An analysis of the nature of their organizations external environment, making use of the relevant academic underpinnings , applying analytical models and ensuring an international focus.

A critical review of the chosen organisations monitoring system of the external environment.

Recommendations detailing how the chosen organization can better respond to environmental forces .

Effective answers will provide sufficient and persuasive examples to support their choice of models. They will identify the most important environmental factors and where relevant, explain the interplay between them. Weaker answers will have an intra-organisational focus. Effective answers will also critically analyse the various elements of the monitoring system identified and will provide sufficient examples to support their account. Effective answers will have a logical structure, style, visual impact and internal integrity ( e.g. are appendices referred to in the text).

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