Answer the following questions (Chapter 4. of “Business, Government and Society” questions)

Answer the following questions:
1. Do you support KFC Corporation or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in this controversy? Why?
a. I side with KFC because I myself am a meat eater. I grew up learning that if God created all these living things then we should make use of them. I have seen horrific videos about animal cruelty but people are still going to do what they want in order to make money and I actually don’t even care.
2. What are the basic criticisms that PETA makes of KFC? Are they convincing? Are its criticisms similar to timeless criticisms of business mentioned in the chapter?
a. PETA hated the animal cruelty that KFC was doing. They posted billboards of obscene imagery along with writing comments about their character and such. For me, it was not convincing because regardless what happens, we all can’t save the world by protesting about chickens, nor can we really save the chickens themselves. I think they are similar to timeless criticisms.
3. What methods and arguments has KFC used to support its actions? Is it conducting the best defense?
a. In the book, it mentioned that “KFC has tried to maintain a low media profile while working to elevate animal welfare standards.” I believe it’s a good defense because the company is trying to make both sides happy. They are trying to maintain business while satisfying activists.
4. Is the range of PETA’s actions acceptable? Why does the group use controversial tactics? What are its sources of power in corporate campaigns?
a. In my opinion, I don’t think it is acceptable. Sure many people are more attracted to things that stand out with a deep message but I think they take it too far. In the book it states that its “source of power is the desire of average people to think of themselves as humane and decent. “
5. Is it proper for PETA to pressure KFC for change when the company is following the law and public custom? Does PETA represent so compelling a truth or enough people to justify attacks on, and perhaps damage to, major corporations supported by and supporting millions of customers, employees and stockholders?
a. Like any other company making cold hard cash and satisfying the public they’re going to be CHALLENGED. Truth be told, they do have and support good points but the problem is getting society to believe in it when the world has been so accustomed to the current lifestyle.
6. Do animals have rights? If so, what are they? What duties do human beings have toward animals? Does KFC protect animal welfare at an acceptable level?
a. I don’t think animals have rights. The job of us humans is to at least respect our surroundings especially to the animals because they give us nourishment along with other living things. I think KFC is doing what they need to do in order to satisfy their company and PETA’s views.

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