Applied Lifestyle Fittness

Complete the labs in appendix 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4 of your text book.
From these answers you will write a 750-1000 word reflection that outlines your personal reasons to plan as it relates to your life. Include a debrief that outlines a week of your life in advance and how planning impacts your life, as well as areas of your life where you procrastinate and how this impacts you.
Make sure you apply proper APA formatting style for this assignment and all other written work you submit for this course.
Wagner Wisotzki, N. (2008). Fitness and Lifestyle Management for Law Enforcement (3rd ed.). Toronto, Canada: Edmond Montgomery Publications Ltd.
You do not need to hand in the labs, however those labs are part of your readings you must complete them for your reference and then answer the question and complete the assignment by using those labs!! your paper should be based on those labs and you will complete the assignment using that information. read the instructions carefully.
Marking Guidelines
Marks Explanation
15 All questions completed in detail, well written, proper APA formatting.
11 Most questions completed, lacking detail, proper APA formatting
7 Few questions completed, no detail, improper APA formatting
3 Limited completion, no APA formatting

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