develop a major case study of Human Resources issues, problems, and
polices in a current organization, most often your own.
Although this is technically not a part of the case analysis, it is always a good idea to
write a brief introduction to the paper. The introduction should tell the reader what the
paper/case is intended to accomplish. It should not reveal the conclusion.
Background Facts
Begin by explaining the situation. What recurring instances point to the idea that a
problem may exist?
 Are these facts subjective opinion or is there verifiable evidence?
 Are there multiple symptoms pointing to a root cause?
 Who says that this is a problem/opportunity?
 Who is impacted by this problem/opportunity?
Problem Statement – Challenge – Opportunity Statement
In a simple, one or two-sentence statement, you should clearly state the problem to be
solved—or the challenge that you face.
Evaluation Criteria
What are the major criteria that influence your decision? You should identify all of the
factors that impact your decision. Availability of resources is a major element. For
example, money, time, people, equipment, ease of implementation, etc. could all be
factors that influence a decision.
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Identify at least three different solutions to the problem/challenge. Each alternative must
be a realistic solution on its own merit. Doing nothing can be considered an alternative.
Evaluation of Alternatives
Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative against the evaluation
criteria identified above.
Which of the alternatives have you selected as the best solution? Why?
Implementation Plan
How will you implement the plan? What steps are necessary? Sequence? Timing?
People? Etc.
How will you monitor the situation to determine if the problem has been solved, or you
have maximized your opportunity?

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