Case Study

Deveterre’s model of case prudential reasoning is as follows:

• Situational analysis (summarize the facts of the case)
• Patient’s perspective, proxy’s perspective, and provider’s perspective.
• Court decisions
• Concluding ethical reflection

You may also consider the application of relevant ethical principles; however, remember that Deveterre was concerned that one might move too quickly in applying principles before one had sufficiently reflected on the goods or values at stake. The case analysis questions may help you avoid this concern.

Use Deveterre’s model (if you want to) and refer to the case analysis questions for discernment to analyze the case of Mrs. M.

The ethical reflection part of this assignment will include your resolution or prudential decision making concerning the case. It should include citations from materials found in our texts that provide background literature, values, and principles that support your decision. Evaluate and apply both scripture and tradition to the case. This involves using the material in Medical Ethics: Sources of Catholic Teaching as a resource. Even if you do not share the Christian tradition, this process allows you to compare and contrast it with your own perspective.
You as many sources you like

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