Construction Safety-Fall Accidents and Fall Protection

Accidents from falling are one of the leading causes of death and injuries in the construction industry. Find and review
several articles in professional publications on construction-related fall accidents. Also, find and review several sample fall
protection programs for construction companies, as well as visit for relevant fall protection requirements.
Choose at least one accident you would like to research further and construct a paper that includes the following:
– A brief introduction of the problem with fall-related accidents in the construction industry.
– A review and analysis of the fall accident chosen for further research.
– A detailed discussion on the causative factors associated with the fall accident.
– A sample fall protection program developed to suit only the type of work being performed in the accident that is
being reviewed. Be specific and include the factors related to the accident. (Do not include portions of a program
not directly related to the work in the researched accident.)
 A summary of the student’s conclusions on fall hazards in the construction industry, and opinions on the necessity
for a fall protection plan.

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