Developing & Implementing E-Learning Programs

The task at hand for this module entails the development of a scholarly report presenting and assessing the extent and manner in which the Voorhees Group, LLC assisted in the strategic process utilized by this particular institution-specifically, with the development of an online venue of teaching and learning. this report is to address, however, is not limited to the following items: 1. Research the Voohees Group,LLC. Elaborate on the services this organization provides for academic 2. Careful review the case study report of Broward College(found via the background information page)- in conjunction with the Broward Community College homepage. To what extent and in what manner does the web-site of Broward Community College reflectthe efforts depicted via the background reading? Via the stated services of the Voorhees Group? 3. Finally, if you were to assume a leadership position within what would be your ideal educational institution, would you hire the Voorhees Group, LLC? Why? Why not?

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