To critically anaylse and Evaluate the strategy for the organisation “Bridgestone”

Use relevant strategic management tools and techniques to evaluate the current strategy of the organisation bridgestone, include research on their strengths weaknesses oppurtunites and threat, porter five forces and then Analyse why this strategy might be suitable, acceptable and feasible.
Briefly identify and justify another potential strategic direction for the organisation. Given the nature of this analysis there must be a contemporary and inventive flavour to much of the relevant data.
Synthesise the strategic analysis of an organisation to craft appropriate strategic recommendations.
learning outcomes which will be tested..

Examine contemporary and strategic change issues in the strategy process.

Determine creativity and enterprise skills in communicating strategic issues

important assement criteria

Strategic options: development and evaluation of strategic options, appropriateness and use of relevant strategic theory and models, tools & techniques to achieve this.

Strategy recommendation: Consistency with strategic analysis (assignment 1) and strategic options developed. Rationale of strategy recommendations.

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