Educational Psychology

Please write a 3-5 page essay which identifies examples of how Piaget’s work has influenced instruction and curriculum development. Some examples include:

• hands-on science,
• the use of manipulatives in math,
• language experience and whole language in reading and writing,
• project methods in social studies.

The focus in each of these is beginning instruction with direct experience and moving from the concrete to the abstract. APA style is required for this assignment.

References for Articles uploaded that you might want to use
Hinde, E. R., & Perry, N. (2007). Elementary Teachers’ Application of Jean Piaget’s Theories of Cognitive Development during Social Studies Curriculum Debates in Arizona. Elementary School Journal, 108(1), 63-79.

Webb, P. (1980). Piaget: Implications for Teaching. Theory Into Practice, 19(2), 93.

EDIGER, M. (2012). RECENT LEADERS IN AMERICAN EDUCATION. College Student Journal, 46(1), 174-177.

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