Employment law

‘Despite all the arguments for deregulation, the case for adequate protection of individuals against arbitrary dismissals is as strong as ever. The arguments are based on the moral right of individuals to be fairly treated in cases of dismissals. Fair treatment of individual employees by management helps to remove a ground for resentment by the workforce collectively and contributes to a more efficient management.’ Steve Anderman ‘Termination of Employment: Whose Property Rights?’ in C. Barnard, S. Deakin, and G.S Morris (eds), The Future of Labour Law: Liber Amicorum Bob Hepple QC, 2004 Hart Publishing p.128

To what extent do UK dismissal laws satisfy the ‘moral rights of individuals’? How might the law be changed or adapted to meet this goal?

Assessment Instructions:

This essay is 1000 words and is expected to be concise and analytical and not too descriptive. It is also expected to include an introduction, body of content and a conclusion.
Listed below are some of the ideas and points that the i thinks would help you. Please do include yours and make use of the good opinions as relevant. Also, the referencing required is the oscola referencing which includes footnotes and bibluography.

1 – Give a broad descriptive appraisal of what the law on dismissal is in the introduction, focusing on how fair these laws are to employees. Demonstrate you understand these laws as relevant to employees and the employment right act and what the protections of employees are against unfair dissmissal.

2 – The law on dismissal is quite broad, therefore they suggest you focus on an issue of your choice, possibly a recent case or an aspect of these law or rights of the employee and give a bit more deeper ananlysis.

3 – What is the state of the government as regards to the law of dismissal and the employee rights? Has there been any reforms? Are there recent cases that have raised questions on unfair dismissal?

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