urban scene

1) Select any city in the world or local urban community.

2) Select any urban planning topic or issue to research. (bahrain)
4) Perform your research
Present your findings in a research paper containing:

1. Abstract: This should summarize your entire paper in 1-2 paragraphs (1 points)

2. Findings: What are the results of your research? Was your Thesis correct? (1 points)

3. Hypothesis: What do you expect to find before you begin? What are you trying to prove? (2 points)

4. Three (3) supporting topics. One topic sentence followed by supporting facts and images.
Insert citations for each topic. (9 points)

5. References in APA Format (2 points)

Layout of paper:: 1/3 each: text/space/images.

Citations and references using APA format.

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