Environmental Risk Assessment

Please write a three page paper based on the following below (Use of required text is highly important and assigned writer needs to have access to the textbook):

Page 1 and 2: Please answer the questions in the attached homework wk. 4 worksheet in essay format and make sure all responses are numbered. All questions requires a detailed responses. No multiple choices. Please site all references. Explain and elaborate by providing detailed responses. (Please use required text here plus one additional source) – 500 words.

Page 3: Find a published journal article study that utilizes one or more models of chemical transport and fate. Summarize the article. Discuss the model’s merits/capabilities and, if possible, limitations. Please make sure it’s a published journal and all questions asked are discussed in detail. (350 to 400 words with 2 references)

Required text: Suter II, G.W. Ecological Risk Assessment, 2nd edition, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, 548 pp., Chapter 19 to 23

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