essay about myself in third person

In no more than 800 words (but you can write much less if it gets the job done), write about your life using the first line: “Once upon a time…”
· Your short-short story about yourself MUST be
written in third-person (that means you refer to
yourself as “she” or “he”).
You must TRY to employ all the five elements of
fiction: plot, theme, characterization, point of
view, and setting.
· Use sensory details—sight, sound, touch, taste,
smell! This makes descriptions interesting!
Fill in the five elements (with one to four
sentences) listed below with your:
· Characterization of yourself (both your name and
your physical, emotional, intellectual traits)
· The plot of your story. How would you introduce
your story? What would be some conflicts; what
would be the climax of your story? Would there
be a resolution (yet)?
· Setting of your story (time AND place).
· Point of view of your story. Here you know the
answer: it must be third-person.
. Is there a theme, a moral, to your story? Is
there some overarching philosophy you would want
to convey? Is there any recurring motif or
symbol that might help underscore the greater
meaning to your life?

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