The book “triumph of the spirit” by Angel M. Ramos, Ph.D.

Pick one of these to write about:

Explain why there was apathy among the Gallaudet students prior to the DPN protest.
Explain why the Gallaudet students opposed the Gallaudet Board of Trustee’s (BOT) selection for president.
Explain why the BOT was surprised about the scope of the DPN protest.
Identify, describe and give an example of a Partner, Ignorant, and Plantationist/Audist.
Explain how Ignorants become Partners using Dr. Zinser as an example.
Explain why Dr. Zinser was surprised when the students and Deaf community revolted against her appointment and what convinced Dr. Zinser to resign as Gallaudet president.
Identify the individual who said “Deaf people are not ready to function in a hearing world” and who she blamed for being misquoted and why that individual was not able to defend herself.
Explain why it is necessary for hearing and Deaf people to work together.
Explain why the DPN protest was not a protest against hearing people.
Explain why some people believe that the DPN movement was a civ

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