fallibility of doctors

The topic should be in the general area of medical culture. The term medical culture refers to the language, traditions, shared beliefs, norms, values, and expected behaviors found in health care systems and environments. We are interested in exploring a specific aspect of medical culture and the way the culture impacts patients and their families. You should develop your paper around a specific aspect of medical culture relevant to the experience of patients, counselors or other health professionals who work with patients, or public health and policy issues relevant to you in a personal and professional sense.

The main stimulus for the paper will be Atul Gawande’s book, Complications. There are many issues discussed in Dr. Gawande’s book, including fallibility of doctors and medical science, patient’s expectations, medical communication, errors in medicine, cultural roles of physicians, uncertainty in medicine (and in life generally), the individuality of the experience of illness, cooperation and conflict in doctor-patient relationships, compassion, inequality in medical care, spirituality, quality of life, and so on.

Structuring your paper
You should begin by defining the issue and providing references to Dr. Gawande’s comments on the issue. You should then elaborate on the topic in a way that states a position, identifies a current medical culture issue related to counseling, professional practice, or public health. The paper should provide some level of insight or analysis into the issue. You may use your own experience, experience with others (family, clients or patients), and the published literature to illustrate and support your position. The paper should be approximately five to six pages (not counting title page, reference page, or half pages). You should write your paper in APA style (6th Edition).

In grading your paper, I will be more concerned with the clarity, organization, and coherence of your paper than stylistic details, but please review your paper carefully for errors before handing it in. For instance, if there are many spelling errors or grammatical errors that should have been detected by spellcheck, Moreover, you will help yourself with references from the professional literature (Wikipedia is not an acceptable source) of peer-reviewed journal articles.
The paper should be approximately five pages (not counting title page, reference page, or half pages.

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