Framing versus “Transversality”—music, journalism and other ecologies of practice

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According to this topic and readings to write reflection

This writing is the blog,thing,so can be creative and must link to the readings that I’v write down the reading’s name and website.Also I ‘v provided some notes about this topic~~

Writing requirement:
The blog is your personal reflection, but it should engage,(but really need to reflect readings which websites are posted below) in a bit of detail, with aspects of the required readings( just below of this formation) and other preparations for that . Obviously, you need to have done the readings , and engage with these in the blog posts. That is, don’t just take one word or topic from the week and then have no further engagement with the ideas and events discussed in the readings and other preparations.
You can be creative about this, Your blog posts will have to include responses to reading material, Specifically you will have to respond to the topics .You will need to explore, think through and write about your own pathways through the issues and ideas.
You should briefly publish your reflections in writing, in images, in video form, audio, and
collections of links, feeds and so on (you do not have to use all of these! If you want, you
can choose one and stick to it. It’s up to you). You have a choice of formats for reflection
and publishing, and you can mix up these formats as you go. Your blog can of course link
out to other sites (on, for example, Flickr or YouTube) on which you may have published
your reflections in other media forms than writing. It can also include feeds and links you
are collecting.
You need to think about this. You re?ect not only on the things we’re thinking about on the course. You also need to re?ect on how you’re going to make this interesting for others, in a sustained way This is “Your demonstrated engagement with the materials/readings/preparatory explorations for that week of the course”.
That’s probably the easy part, if you keep up with the work. The harder but more interesting part is to make this reflection work as a short piece of writing. This is the third criterion, “Your synthesis (bringing together) of the ideas, practices and issues you’re dealing with in that week into a satisfactory form of expression you can publish.” This will require you to develop your own thinking about these issues. You’ll also have to develop your writing (or image creation, audio, etc).
Writing Content should include readings and topic below
Framing versus “Transversality”—music, journalism and other ecologies of practice
Stepping outside the frame (or model/given social structure/institution/industry).
Thinking “transversally” to do so. More practically: is the music industry (or journalism/
family) “dying” or alive as never before?
First, how are the issues of music making, enjoyment and distribution, and of the survival or not of journalism, currently framed? Second, what’s actually happening, and often this will not fit the frame. To put this simply, there are already a lot of very interesting ways in which music is being distributed or journalism has already been transformed. Even more simply, there has perhaps never been so much great music around, so many ways of making it, and so many ways of distributing it and enjoying it. And perhaps we can say the same for other industries/practices, such as journalism, but
also many others, such as education (universities perhaps), health, etc.

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