Secondary Sources

Must answer these question with the article I will upload shortly and if there is any way possible I need this paper in an hour an half from the time I send this message that would be so excellent thank you. The literary anayalisis I wrote on The Short Happy life of Frances McComber was about female dominance with Margarete McComber.

Who wrote this article?
What is the title of the article?
For which journal did the critic write this article?
What claim is the critic making (what is the implied or stated thesis statement for this article?)
What types of evidence does the critic use? (example, quotes from other critics, biographical information about the author, literary knowledge, knowledge of a specific discipline, statistic, evidence from the story, etc.)
How does the critic justify the need for his or her perspective on this story? What do they say the perception of the story has been up to now? How is this article new or important?
Does the critic agree or disagree with the points made by the other critics? If so, how does this article expand upon or contradict what the other critics have said?
What are the main points this article makes? (at least three)
Does the critic’s argument make sense? Is it solidly backed by evidence? Does the critic use enough sources to back up this claim or focus?
How does the critic’s argument fit in with the current literary analysis (your first paper)? Does the critic lend support for your argument? Does the critic discuss something completely different? Does the current literary analysis add something new and interesting to the conversation that this article has omitted to consider? If so, what does the literary analysis add?

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